Asphyxiation (Our Lives Matter)

I can’t breathe. In an open space with air all around Yet, I can’t breathe. Can’t inhale or exhale – Unless they give permission. To kill me. Choke holds and Cold-blooded murder. Bang. Bang. Bang. Because I was suspect. For my Black, my Brown skin. For seeking help. For minding my own business. In thisContinue reading “Asphyxiation (Our Lives Matter)”

What about our children? The Fears of Mothering While Black…

“I just can’t imagine living without him. But I can imagine life without a revolution, without world socialism, women’s lib … I have a child. My responsibilities have changed.” (Conversations with Nikki Giovanni, p. 66). Much like Nikki Giovanni, I cannot imagine life without my son. The day he was born my responsibilities change, myContinue reading “What about our children? The Fears of Mothering While Black…”