Easter Nostalgia

  Feeling a bit nostalgic Mentally turning back the clocks 1987 and I’m dressed In pastel and lace Patent leather shoes White Bobby socks Hair full of curls Blue Magic did its thang Mama straightened out my kitchen And tightened up my bang Homemade basket Colored eggs, chocolate bunnies And a surprise gift, a littleContinue reading “Easter Nostalgia”

Small Town, Big Heartaches: Remembering Our Loved Ones…

Sometimes you wanna go…where everybody knows your name… And sometimes you want to forget all the beautiful memories rooted in youthful naiveté that shielded you from the real world. I was raised in a small town in Alabama and anyone who knows me understands my passion for small towns, community, and all (complicated) things southern.Continue reading “Small Town, Big Heartaches: Remembering Our Loved Ones…”