until we free

cries for peace and calm abound when black and brown faces rage. reactions to a fruitful harvest of seeds painful indignation planted by privilege and supremacy watered by death’s grasp and nurtured, agitated with televised taunting of not giving a fuck whether we breathe. and among the masses of bodies strewn together, relentlessly planted inContinue reading “until we free”

For Bobbi Kristina…

On Saturday, January 31, 2015, Bobbi Kristina Brown, the 21-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston, was found unresponsive, facedown in her bathtub. As Bobbi Kristina was being rushed to the hospital, professional and social media and the blogs were reporting her detriment. The eerily similar way in which her mother wasContinue reading “For Bobbi Kristina…”

Futuristic Black Love – on 3000

Futuristic Black love on 3000 Because 2,999 won’t do You, me and Badu Space traveling through galaxies Building our families Resisting normative boundaries of social expectations Highest love levitating and creating Bodies and ciphers and Intergalactic escapes to lands That celebrate Futuristic Black love on 3000 We’re on that new shyt Black love on 3000Continue reading “Futuristic Black Love – on 3000”

Notes on Father’s (and Mother’s) Day…

I must admit, I always have to check the calendar to know when Father’s Day is approaching. It’s one of those holidays that I never spent much time celebrating. As a child, I looked forward to Mother’s Day. In school, we’d always create some artsy, awkward gift for our mothers. And Ma would smile likeContinue reading “Notes on Father’s (and Mother’s) Day…”

Karlesha Thurman’s Breastfeeding Is Natural and Normal. Our Reactions Are Not.

I became pregnant with my now 16-year-old son during the summer of 1997. I completed the requirements for my undergraduate degree in English in November of that same year. My son was born in March 5, 1998, and I participated in commencement ceremonies in May 1998. And I was a breastfeeding mother. Prior to theContinue reading “Karlesha Thurman’s Breastfeeding Is Natural and Normal. Our Reactions Are Not.”

Easter Nostalgia

  Feeling a bit nostalgic Mentally turning back the clocks 1987 and I’m dressed In pastel and lace Patent leather shoes White Bobby socks Hair full of curls Blue Magic did its thang Mama straightened out my kitchen And tightened up my bang Homemade basket Colored eggs, chocolate bunnies And a surprise gift, a littleContinue reading “Easter Nostalgia”

Small Town, Big Heartaches: Remembering Our Loved Ones…

Sometimes you wanna go…where everybody knows your name… And sometimes you want to forget all the beautiful memories rooted in youthful naiveté that shielded you from the real world. I was raised in a small town in Alabama and anyone who knows me understands my passion for small towns, community, and all (complicated) things southern.Continue reading “Small Town, Big Heartaches: Remembering Our Loved Ones…”