Who in the hell said

All Southern Belles are White girls?

Ya’ll can kiss my GRITS.

The lens I use to view the world is diverse, but my roots are southern. Home is a small town in Alabama where the lessons I learned about race, gender, sexuality, religion, and education were bound in Dixie. So, of course, there are aspects of me that are ‘authentic’ representations of South. In my South, the use of ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am’ are signs of respect. A morning greeting always prefaces any business transaction. Life is to be enjoyed, not rushed. I am in no hurry.  I’m polite. I’m a lady. I’m a Belle. But a Belle. is not confined to stereotypical notions of southern female being. Instead, my labels are indeed many – but they are mine as I have identified them, named them, owned them. Thus, my Belle. is a Black feminist-queer-ratchett-spiritual-crunk-sassy mouthed-fire tongued Queen. She is empowered. She is eclectic. She just IS.

Me. An eclecticGRITS. A Belle. unrestricted.

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