Futuristic Black Love – on 3000

Futuristic Black love on 3000 Because 2,999 won’t do You, me and Badu Space traveling through galaxies Building our families Resisting normative boundaries of social expectations Highest love levitating and creating Bodies and ciphers and Intergalactic escapes to lands That celebrate Futuristic Black love on 3000 We’re on that new shyt Black love on 3000Continue reading “Futuristic Black Love – on 3000”

Asphyxiation (Our Lives Matter)

I can’t breathe. In an open space with air all around Yet, I can’t breathe. Can’t inhale or exhale – Unless they give permission. To kill me. Choke holds and Cold-blooded murder. Bang. Bang. Bang. Because I was suspect. For my Black, my Brown skin. For seeking help. For minding my own business. In thisContinue reading “Asphyxiation (Our Lives Matter)”