I’m the hippie weirdo who lives in Utopia in my head – and I like it there.

What you cannot turn to good, you must at least make as little bad as you can. — Thomas More, Utopia, Bk. 1. (1516) How in the world does a Belle from the Deep South have such conflicting sense of self and being? How is it that my life is an oxymoronic collaboration of existingContinue reading “I’m the hippie weirdo who lives in Utopia in my head – and I like it there.”

Easter Nostalgia

  Feeling a bit nostalgic Mentally turning back the clocks 1987 and I’m dressed In pastel and lace Patent leather shoes White Bobby socks Hair full of curls Blue Magic did its thang Mama straightened out my kitchen And tightened up my bang Homemade basket Colored eggs, chocolate bunnies And a surprise gift, a littleContinue reading “Easter Nostalgia”

106 & Park – August Alsina and Keisha Chante Awkwardness

I don’t watch 106 & Park and haven’t done so since Free and AJ (age-telling), but I read about August Alsina’s comment to host Keisha Chante when she asked about the singer burying of the hatchet between Trey Songz and him (Since when did R&B singers have ‘beef’?). I also watched the clip where Chante stood with Bow WowContinue reading “106 & Park – August Alsina and Keisha Chante Awkwardness”

Black Women and Depression: Our Tears Don’t Compromise Our Strength

“I’m fighting with depression today. Ion even know why. I’m exhausted. But not like from work. Just exhausted from tryna figure out life.” Yesterday, I sent the statement above via text to a friend. After spending much of the morning forcefully convincing myself to go to work instead of staying home in bed (although IContinue reading “Black Women and Depression: Our Tears Don’t Compromise Our Strength”

Full Circle Ramblings – Nikki Giovanni, Baba Asa, and A Different World

April is National Poetry Month. I realized I was a poet in elementary school when I wrote a brief poem with a basic rhyme scheme. I’ve written sporadically since that time; performed at a few spoken word sets; but I’m still trying to perfect my craft. One of my favorite poets is the incredible NikkiContinue reading “Full Circle Ramblings – Nikki Giovanni, Baba Asa, and A Different World”

The Queendom that is Jill Scott…

My social networking timelines have been buzzing with a picture of Jill Scott from last weekend’s UNCF’s 2014 ‘Evening with the Stars’. And yes, she looked all kinds of fierce fabulousness wearing a simple black fitted dress with a smile that would light up the darkest of night. That picture – like most pictures ofContinue reading “The Queendom that is Jill Scott…”

Don’t Believe the Hype: Success and Scholarship DO Exist in the For-Profit Academy

As a graduate from a ‘traditional’ university where the admissions process was somewhat rigorous (or existed as some form of hazing) and a higher education faculty member that has worked with students in both ‘traditional’ and ‘non-traditional’ [read: for-profit] settings, I have first hand knowledge of and experience with the students that matriculate in both academies.Continue reading “Don’t Believe the Hype: Success and Scholarship DO Exist in the For-Profit Academy”

Dissertation Archives – Vignette 3: Hair Story

No matter how else you dress or decorate yourself, you cannot escape the true meaning of dreads. As beautiful as locks may be, they still stand for something: ethnic pride. When you carry dreads you demand a second look. People are intrigued, they wonder, “What’s behind all that hair.” I’m happy to be nappy ~AdrianContinue reading “Dissertation Archives – Vignette 3: Hair Story”