Messages from the Universe: Be Open, Raw, Authentic – Write.Me.Free

Writing is like breathing is like loving is like mothering is like exhaling is like speaking (out) is like dancing is like exploring is like living. It’s like freedom. That I must have. ‪#‎WriteMeFree The Universe moves in such mysteriously correct ways. Over the past few weeks, She has sent me several messages that requireContinue reading “Messages from the Universe: Be Open, Raw, Authentic – Write.Me.Free”

Single Moms Club: Tyler Perry Still Has A Problem with (Black) Women

Originally posted on Olivia A. Cole:
Firstly: there are spoilers below. I won’t apologize for them. I’m trying to save you from seeing this film, after all, so yes, there are spoilers. Secondly: I wish Tyler Perry would stop making movies about women. This morning I saw Perry’s newest mark-misser, Single Moms Club, in which…